Information for Visiting Customers

Kcell JSC welcomes you to the Republic of Kazakhstan and wishes you a pleasant stay in our country! We hope you will have a good impression of both our country and Kcell network!

On arrival in the Republic of Kazakhstan, select Networks from your phone’s menu to view the list of available networks. Select Kcell (the network logo on your phone screen may look like this KCELL KZ - 401 02.

Contact your home operator to find out how much you will be charged for making calls while staying within Kcell network.

To call local mobile or landline calls dial:

+ country code; city code/network code; number

For instance:

To call 258 83 00 landline number in Almaty: +7 (country code) 727 (city code) 2588300 (landline number)

To call a Kcell number: +7 (country code) 701 (network code) ХХХХХХХ (mobile number)OK

The following services are available to the subscribers visiting Kcell network:

Incoming/outgoing calls;

Incoming/outgoing SMS;

GPRS data service (Note: enquire with your home operator about the terms of data service provision);

Sending fax/data;

Standby/Call Hold mode;

Call barring;

Calling Line Identification Present/Calling Line Identification Restriction.

We also provide GSM 1900/1800 communication services as well as 2G, 3G (GPRS) data services.

Ucell Uzbekistan, Tcell Tajikistan, Megacom Kyrgyzstan, Ncell Nepal and Azercell Azerbaijan guests and subscribers! Now you have one more reason to feel more “at home” while roaming on our network - if you have lost your SIM card while in Kazakhstan – do not worry! We, as a partner company, will be pleased to offer you a replacement of Ucell/Tcell//Megacom/Ncell/Azercell SIM with the same number at:

Address Open
г.Алматы, Самал-2, 100; ТЦ «ГУМ», Кунаева, 21, 1 этаж. Mon-Fri: 08:30–20:00
Sat: 09:00–18:00
г.Астана, Республики, 8; ул.Алматы-1, 1 (БЦ «Асылтау») Mon-Fri: 09:00–20:00
Sat: 09:00–18:00
г.Шымкент, Туркестанская, 11 (для абонентов Ucell) Mon-Fri: 08:30–20:00
Sat: 09:00–18:00

There is a SIM replacement charge (as per partners’ pricelist) which is deducted from your mobile account, i.e. you will not have to pay anything at Kcell service points.

A replacement SIM will be given to you provided only you are the owner (not user) of the mobile number. To get it, please make sure to bring your passport (original). Entities must apply in writing to partners’ corporate customer service with request to provide a replacement SIM to corporate subscriber visiting Kazakhstan.

Ambulance 103
Rescue Service 112
Fire Department 101
Gas Department 104
Police 102

Calls to these numbers are free of charge. You can also contact KcellCallCenter by +7 7272 588300 or 9090, 116 (from mobile), or 8 7272 588 300 or +7 7272 588300 (from landline). Please, mind that in this case you will be charged to call these numbers at the rates applied by your home operator.

Call Rescue Service number every time you need help (when you stuck in elevator, you are lost, your car broke down). Rescue Service is available 24/7 free of charge. You can reach it on this number even if your phone has no SIM card or its keypad is blocked.