Migration to new billing system

Migration to new billing system

UPD: Dear subscriber! All top up methods are available as usual. Please, note that till 5 July you may experience limited access to the following services: balance check, activation/deactivation of services and tariffs, change of billing method.


Dear subscribers!

Due to migration to new billing system during 1-5 July 2016, Kcell subscribers will have a limited access to the following services:

  • activation/deactivation of tariffs (all methods);
  • activation/deactivation of all add-on services, including but not limited to: data services, turbot traffic and data speed restoration, Extra Balance, Auto Extra Balance, Mobile Help, Auto Top Up, Pay For Me, Call Me, Simfonia, DIY Simfonia, Last Hidden Caller ID; services for corporate customers, including but not limited to Telemetry, AvtoMonitoring, IP Address, Revolver Numbers, Fixed Internet, Mobile Walkie Talkie; roaming services and add-on services for roamers (all methods); international calling services;
  • signing of mobile services contracts (Kcell brand), number activation, Number Selection service, SIM replacement and recovery, adding/excluding customers to/from closed uses groups;
  • change of number ownership, change of customer proprietary network information;
  • activation/deactivation Bookmate, Activ TV, Android Antivirus, Voice Changer, Kcell Report, Video Portal, InfoSafe;
  • change of notifications language;
  • activation of missed call notifications and call divert feature via USSD;
  • assigning/change of credit limit, usage control;
  • temporary termination/suspension and subsequent restoration of services at the request of subscribers or regulator;
  • termination of mobile services contracts (Kcell) and termination of services; applications for contact termination must not be dated earlier than July 5, 2016 (migration completion date) and any funds remaining on subscribers’ accounts will be returned within the term prescribed by law;
  • porting numbers to/from Kcell network;
  • internal number porting (Kcell-Activ);
  • top up cards activation; there may also be delays in having funds credited to your account when topping up via e-terminals, via Homebank, online top up service, Auto Top Up;
  • activation and renewal of services bundles under ‘contract phone’ contracts as well as activation of add-on services as part of promotional offers;
  • early termination of ‘contract phone’ contracts;
  • balance check (all methods) including through Personal Account;
  • Conference Call service;
  • application and use of bonuses granted under various promotions;
  • issuance of prepayment invoices.

During migration, there may be delays in charging customer for the mobile services used. Full access to the above services will be restored on 5 July 2016 after the migration process is finalized and available to prepaid and postpaid customers within the limits of funds available in their accounts or credit limit, except for roaming services.