Attention: Kcell does not raffle Samsung Galaxy S9, iPhone XS, iPad Air


There is a fraud scheme on the Internet: when you visit a needed website, another page opens. There appears a query for winning prize from the Kcell.

Dear subscribers, we kindly ask you not to participate in this query and follow the rules below:

  • Do not specify subscriber number;
  • Do not specify plastic card number;
  • Do not transfer money form balance of subscriber number to unknown people;
  • Do not transfer money from plastic card number to unknown people;
  • Check information on drawing of prizes on official kcell.kz website.

Company informs about official drawings of prizes on the website kcell.kz, official pages — @kcell.kz Facebook, in Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and by SMS on behalf of the KСELL.

Read about widespread fraud schemes and security regulations in the section «Security».

If you are a victim, please contact call-center by the number 9090 or in official accounts @kcell.kz Facebook or in Instagram.