Child safety will help control the service for Kcell subscribers


Every parent wants to be sure that his child is safe. But to always be with him is simply impossible. Mobile application «Where are my children», available for Kcell and Activ subscribers, helps to determine the movement of a child’s subscriber unit during the day, receive notifications about entering and exiting safe zones set on the card, and even dialing the phone off.

The functionality of the mobile app «Where are my children» allows you to link up to five mobile devices of a child to one parent number and automatically synchronize their geolocation. If the child’s mobile device goes beyond the boundaries of the zones on the map, a special notification will be sent to the parent’s smartphone. The application has a pedometer statistics and the history of the movement of the child’s mobile device for 30 days *. The sound around the smartphone is played in the application in the form of 20-second recordings. You can also send voice messages to your child’s smartphone.

"Throughout March, we actively tested the application, technical specialists carefully monitored that all the modes of this service functioned smoothly, worked out the comments and comments of parents, including on emergency response. Now we have about 20 thousand active users of this application. Of these, the parents most concerned about the safety of their children live in Astana, Almaty, Shymkent, Atyrau, and Karaganda. The application is quite easy to install and log in. When using the application, the safety of personal data of its users is ensured, «said Vadim Liu, Director for Business Market Development of Kcell JSC.

Mobile application «Where are my children» will be especially useful for parents of students of junior and middle classes. It tracks the movement of mobile devices with built-in GPS tracker, as long as they are connected to the Internet. At the same time, the application must be installed and activated both on the mobile device of the parents and on the mobile device of the child.

«I am also a father, and now I, like all parents who connect to the» Where are my children «service, will be much calmer for the safety of children when they are at school, in playgrounds on the street, in the cinema or in entertainment centers» — commented on Vadim Liu.

To connect, the user must activate the service on findmykids.activ.kz, clicking on the «Connect» button, and install the Find My Kids mobile app on the App Store and in the Play Market. During the first connection, Kcell and Activ subscribers are provided with a trial period of 7 days without a subscription fee. More information about the service «Where are my children» can be found on the link.

* if the child’s mobile device supports this functionality