Is there a future for IoT and Big Data in Kazakhstan?


On April 25 International Kazakhstan Technology Summit 2019 — K-Tech was conducted in Almaty. This is a professional platform for exchange of experience in the field of IT-solutions and technologies. Head of IoT development direction of the Kcell Company shared his expertise in the report on prospects of development of Internet of Things and Big Data in Kazakhstan.

How many people visit tourist places in our country in summer and in winter? How does the reconstruction of the recreation area affect on the number of visits? Which audience attends events and city holidays? Where are the most popular places for residents of cities to celebrate Nauryz, New Year, May holidays? According to Ruslan Khamzin, Head of the Kcell IоT — direction, mobile operator has answers to these and many other questions.

«Last decades, the way of working with information has undergone significant changes. Previously, it was simply stored in data centers and was used only from time to time. Now it is a „living“ organism, which is constantly updated, enriched, modified. Large data sets are used to get insights, to manage marketing companies and to make accurate and elaborated business decisions. In modern conditions, Big Data, if it is properly applied to solve specific issues, can become one of the key drivers of social and economic development, and IoT — a tool for receiving such data,» noted Ruslan Khamzin in his speech.

The mobile operator acts as a source and aggregator of big data, which is received not only from the mobile phones of its users for market participants. Information also comes from vehicles equipped with an auto-monitoring system, from applications that control M2M devices, from smart watches, smart meters, smart homes, smart parking lots, etc. Received data is used for analysis only in anonymous and aggregated form. That means that the personal data of clients are under reliable protection, but they allow us to draw the conclusions necessary for making decisions in business.

«Global trends show that companies working with Big Data and IoT will have new opportunities for revenue growth in the coming years. This will happen largely due to evolution of entire ecosystem. Convenient platforms for device control will appear. Applications will be able to integrate some processes among themselves. New energy efficient communication standards will be implemented. In general, the automation of data collection and analysis will reach a higher level, which will reflect the increasing significance of these business directions and municipal services,» told Ruslan Khamzin in his speech.

The Kcell Company has been actively working with data sets for several years and now offers to its customers several services based on Big Data and IoT. The mobile operator also conducts testing of remote reading of «smart» meters based on low-consumption networks working up to 10 years on a single battery.

It is worth noting that in the group of Kazakhtelecom companies there are also solutions based on the energy-efficient technology LoRaWAN, which are used for remote automated monitoring of the readings of electricity, gas and water meters.