Making of unified overall payment from balance of subscriber number has become available to subscribers of Kcell and activ 


The Kcell JSC has provided their subscribers with opportunity to make unified overall payment from the balance of their subscriber numbers.

In order to make unified overall payment, the subscribers of Kcell and Activ only should send SMS to the number 5505 with identifier kalasep (for city residents) or aulesp (for the residents of a rural area) and with IIN number. After sending the SMS, you will receive the request for confirmation of payment from the number 5505.

«Today we have made one more important step which helps our state to implement an important and large scale program — Digital Kazakhstan. Launch of unified overall payment from the balance of subscriber number helps to do it quickly and safely and provides the government of a country with comfortable and efficient tool for budget replenishment. Mobile financial services are available for our clients since 2016. The subscribers of Kcell and activ have already paid more than 200 types of services at mobimoney.kz in order to make public bills, online shopping, tickets and others. Now they can make payments from the balance of subscriber number by SMS for travelling in a public transport, municipal parking lots and travel on toll roads. Our company will continue to launch innovative services in the field of mobile finances at the market in order to make life of our clients more pleasant and comfortable. Our next step is to provide opportunity to make payment of penalties and other types of VAT from the balance», mentioned Kaspars Kukelis, Chief Executive Officer of the Kcell JSC.

The unified overall payment for self-employed population has been valid in Kazakhstan since January 01, 2019. This payment is made by natural entities who offer their services to other natural entities without registration as an individual entrepreneur. It consists of the following types of services: minor repair of vehicles, apartments and household appliances, making up of clothes, handing over of own residential property for rent, sale of own agricultural products, etc. At that the amount of revenue from such activity for the calendar year shall not exceed 1175 MCI (2 966 875 tenge).

In 2019 the monthly amount of unified overall payment for the residents in capitals and cities of oblast and republican significance is equal to 1 MCI or 2 525 tenge, for the residents of other residential areas — 0.5 MCI or 1 263 tenge.

In order to make the unified overall payment, please, send the message to the short number 5505 with the text. For example:

  • Kalaesp 123456789012
  • Aulesp 123456789012

where: Kalaesp or Aulesp — identifier, 123456789012 — IIN.

You can use the following as an identifier:

  • for urban population — Кала_есп, Кала-есп, Калаесп, кала_есп, кала-есп, калаесп, Kala_esp, Kala-esp, kala_esp, kala-esp, kalaesp;
  • for population of a rural area — Aul_esp, Aul-esp, Aulesp , aul_esp, aul-esp, aulesp , Аул_есп, Аул-есп. Аулесп, аул_есп, аул-есп, аулесп.

After sending the SMS, you will receive the request for confirmation of payment from the number 5505. It is necessary to confirm the payment by sending «1». The amount of unified overall payment and commission equal to 100 tenge will be written off from the balance of the mobile number.