Kcell has launched a pilot project of smart technologies for agricultural industry


Kcell JSC has launched a pilot project for control of animals using 3G/NB-IoT technology, which will allow farm enterprises to reduce expenses and increase productivity of cattle number. As a pilot project, sensors are tagged on species of cattle of the Olzha Sadchikovskoye LLP. It is planned to deploy production of devices in the territory of Kazakhstan in the future.

«We offer a smart solution for controlling cattle number. A special device analyzes behavior of the animal and works using the machine learning algorithm. The sensor regularly sends information about animals to the cloud monitoring platform. Besides, a GPS module is built into the device, which determines animal’s location and simplifies the process of searching for missing or stolen species, signaling about it in time. As a result, with the help of 3G/NB-IoT trackers which operate from one battery until 3 years, farmers will be able to manage cattle number more efficiently and even increase milk production by 25-30 percent», noted Vadim Lyu, Director on Business Market Development of the Kcell JSC.

Sensors collect multimedia information about the location of animals during the day. Built-in memory stores data for 24 hours. The tracker is placed on the neck of the cow and automatically activated. It helps not only to track the location, but also to control over reproductive period of animal. The device automatically determines the period of maximum animal reproduction with an accuracy of up to 95 percent. Whereas monitoring level of activity of animals allows to control over the health status of lactating cows.

The project is being implemented jointly with KazTechInnovations, with whom the Kcell in April 2019 signed a memorandum of cooperation on potential projects in the field of the Internet of things.

NarrowBandIoT (NB-IoT) is a Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) designed to provide possibility to connect a wide range of devices and services using cellular communications. NB-IoT is a cellular communications standard verified by the 3GPP association.