Kcell has opened pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy Note 10/Note 10 +


On August 08 Kcell JSC opened access to pre-order for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 / 10 + at full cost and by installments of 2 in 1 (smartphone and communication) under the promo «Contract Phone».

Participants who placed the pre-order for the phone during the period of the promo from August 08 to August 22 and made a prepayment will be able to receive the Samsung Galaxy Watch 46 mm as а set*, upon purchase of the phone.

During purchase of smartphone by installments, you issue a contract for 12, 18 or 24 months and you receive up to 50GB of Internet traffic, up to 500 minutes to other cellular operators of the Republic of Kazakhstan and unlimited Internet onnet each month.

All Kcell subscribers who issue the pre-order for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 / 10 + by installments with a service package can use unlimited internet traffic in the 4G network until the end of 2019.

Activ subscribers who also issued the pre-order for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 / 10 + by installments will receive a communication package including unlimited access to social media.

As a result, Kcell / activ subscribers also receive a monthly communication service package and Samsung Galaxy Watch 46 mm for the cost of smartphone on the «Contract Phone» offer.

Application for pre-order of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 / Note 10 + can be left on the official website of Kcell and activ, as well as by contacting Kcell/activ stores.

One of the main advantages of the new flagship smartphone are:

Display: If the display is 6.3 inches on Samsung Galaxy Note 10, then on the Note + version the screen diagonal is 6.8 inches. The display resolution is 2K, and Gorilla Glass 6 is used as a protective glass. The display occupies the entire front panel, and therefore the microphone is located directly below the display.

Processor: RAM from 8 to 12 GB, and internal memory from 256 GB to 768 GB. Due to the new processor, applications are launched even faster, the performance of games with high FPS (frame rate) is better, and in general, using the smartphone as comfortable as possible. All this despite the fact that the battery consumption has become more «reasonable», and not so energy-consuming.

Camera: The new flagship is equipped with a triple camera on the back and has a 10 MP front camera built into the display. Galaxy Note 10 + also has a 3D camera on the back. From now, it is possible to take the highest quality pictures and videos in any light and at long distances.

Magical stylus: S-Pen is a distinctive feature of Note smartphones, as before, Bluetooth technology is built into the stylus, i.e. the smartphone can be controlled at a distance, but now the stylus still recognizes the position in space, which allows you to control the smartphone in a wider range. The most convenient solution for those who love creativity.

Both models received the PowerShare feature with a power of 15 W, allowing wireless charging of other devices.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 \ Note 10+ will be put on the market on August 30 at Kcell/activ stores and will be available primarily to those customers who issued the pre-order at the company’s website in a timely manner. Issuance of smartphones according to pre-orders will be performed until September 15, 2019.

*number of accessories is limited