Removing a security certificate


In pursuance of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan On National Security of the Republic of Kazakhstan and to ensure information and cybersecurity, the National Security Committee has successfully completed testing the security certificate application.

How you can remove a security certificate from personal devices:

Removing a security certificate from a Windows PC:

1. Open Control Panel

2. Select Network and Internet / Network and Sharing Center

3. In the appeared window, click Manage browser settings / Browser properties, then the Properties: Internet window will pop up. Click on the Content tab and then Certificates. Then select Trusted Root Certification Authorities and delete the certificate.

Deactivating and removing a security certificate on Android devices.

Deactivation: Защита and location -> Шифрование и учетные данные -> Trust certificates -> User -> Qaznet Trust Network -> Deactivate the certificate.

If your device does not support certificate deactivation, you can remove the certificate. To that end, select Защита and location -> Шифрование и учетные данные -> Trusted certificates -> User -> Qaznet Trust Network -> Delete -> Ok

1. Защита and location 2. Шифрование и учетные данные 3. Trusted certificates 4. User 5. Delete

Deactivating / removing national security certificate on iOS devices.

To deactivate: Settings - General - About - Certificate Trust - Click on Qaznet Trust Network.

To remove: Settings - General - Profiles - Qaznet Trust Network security certificate - Delete (if necessary, enter the device passcode).

1. Go to Settings on your device 2. General 3. Profiles: 4. Select the certificate you want to delete: 5. Click Delete profile and confirm the action.