Kcell/activ customers are now able to make payments using their mobile balance via mobimoney app


The new mobimoney app provides the activ and Kcell customers a fast and convenient tool to make payments using their cell phone balance

 The application gives you 24/7 access to the entire range of the mobile financial services, such as:

  • payment of goods and services using Kcell/activ balance
  • funds transfer to the cell phones of other mobile customers on and off Kcell/activ network
  • funds transfer from Kcell/activ balance to bank cards
  • withdrawals of funds from mobile balance at Halyk Bank ATMs
  • QR-code payments
  • transactions history, transaction receipts, etc.

 How to make a payment:

  1. Install the app on to your device
  2. Select the service
  3. Enter the payment amount and other details
  4. Confirm transaction

 The mobimoney app has been developed by our technology partner WoopPay LLP and is available for Android (PlayMarket) and iOS (AppStore) devices.