Business Trip

Business Trip

Business Trip — сheap and reliable cell phone and data service for roamers!

Service Billing unit Rate, tenge (incl. VAT)
Incoming calls 1 minute 39
Calls to KZ 1 minute 39
Calls within a visited country 1 minute 39
SMS 1 message 39
Data (APN internet) 1MB 39
India Germany Hong Kong Abkhazia Thailand
Ukraine France Sri Lanka Azerbaijan Malaysia
Uzbekistan Israel Ireland Moldova South Korea
China Italy Russia Turkey Greece
Georgia Netherlands Canada Australia Singapore
Latvia Austria USA Iran Croatia
Tajikistan South Africa Estonia Luxembourg Poland
Armenia Spain Kyrgyzstan Czech Republic
Belarus Mongolia Lithuania Saudi Arabia
United Kingdom Vietnam Turkmenistan Switzerland


Calls to countries other than those listed in the table above are billed based on standard rates. Service is not valid for calling premium and satellite destinations.

Monthly fee — 0 tenge

Activation cost for business clients — 0 tenge

Service is activated/deactivated based on customer’s written application submitted through the sales agents if Enterprise Department.

Service is activated provided customer has Roaming service active on their account. Failing which, customer will be notified accordingly.

Service is deactivated automatically when customer turns off Roaming.

Combinability rules:

Service cannot be activated along with Kcell Travel service.

When activated along with Business Trip service, calls to the same international destinations as listed in the table above will be charged at the rates applies under Business Trip service.

Service is available to customers on Carte Blanche, Carte Blanche + and Business Class tariffs. In which case, minutes allowance from the tariff will be used up first, then calls will be billed at the rates applied under the Service until the next bill cycle starts and tariff allowance is renewed.

Service is available on «phone + bundles» deals that come with included roaming airtime. In which case such roaming airtime will be used up first, then calls will be billed at the rates applied under the Service until the next bill cycle starts.

These rules may reviewed/amended by Company.

Roam comfortable in UAE

Roam comfortable in UAE

Service expires on 31.08.2018.


Receiving voice calls, per 1 minute

Voice calls to KZ and local calls, per 1 minute

Outgoing SMS, per 1 SMS

Data, per 1 MB



Service is activated/deactivated based on Subscriber’s written application submitted through the sale representatives of Enterprise Department.

Service is available to Kcell customers roaming in the United Arab Emirates on roaming partner’s network.