This tariff has been specifically developed for customers with hearing impairment as well as for disabled persons of 1 and 2 disability groups.

Service Rate
Onnet calls (voice and video), per minute 1 tenge
Offnet domestics calls (mobile and landline), per minute 9 tenge
Data, per MB 0,5 tenge
Offnet domestic SMS, per text 2 tenge
Onnet SMS, per text 1 tenge
Onnet MMS, per message 2 tenge
International SMS, per text 2 tenge
Always Available service 0 tenge

Rates are shown in tenge inclusive of VAT and valid across Kazakhstan (within Kcell network coverage area), except while roaming.

Billing increment: calls — 1 second, data — 1KB.

Maximum call duration is 30 minutes.

Should it be found that the eligible (disabled) customer is no longer a disabled person or that the number with activated Tariff is being used by someone who is not eligible, Company may suspend the services, in full or in part, or switch that customer to his previous tariff or any other available tariff by giving him/her a notice to that effect.

When several different services are activated at a time, there is no established priority for the collection of service charges and the tariff fee. You are therefore recommended to maintain sufficient balance in your account to cover the tariff fee and service charges as well as to check if they had been duly collected.

To activate the Tariff:
  • Tariff is available to retail customers (individuals) only.
  • Submit a written request to Kcell office or dealer pointsand provide a document confirming your disability.
  • Tariff can only be activated on one mobile number (Kcell or activ) registered to the customer.