Porting mobile numbers to Kcell network

Service is available to retail customers (individuals) only.

How to port?

Make sure your number is duly registered in your name, it is not blocked by your current provider and you have no outstanding mobile charges

Visit our customer offices to sign a service agreement. Make sure to bring your ID card with you

Congratulations! It’s just that easy, isn’t’ it?

Number Porting Request

Service info

What is MNP?

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is the ability for mobile phone users to switch to a new mobile service provider, while retaining their existing mobile number.

MNP has been available on Kcell network since 1 January 2016. To port their numbers to Kcell, mobile phone users should apply in writing to any Kcell Center or Kcell Store (identity document is required).

How to identify the carrier of a cell phone number?

Call *199# from a Kcell number and follow the prompts on your phone’s screen.

There is no charge to check it.

What are the reasons why an operator can reject my MNP application?

In order to prevent your application from being rejected, make sure you have no debts (such as outstanding mobile charges or phone payments) with your existing provider and that your number is not blocked.

Your personal data must match those provided to us by your existing operator.

You can apply for number porting any time between 09.00 and 18.00 from Monday to Friday, except holidays.

You can switch providers again, provided at least 60 days have passed from your last porting.

Which tariff to choose?

There’s a wide range of tariffs to choose from. Check out our tariffs with generous minutes/sms/data bundles.

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