Cost of signing up – free of charge. Without subscriber fee.

Service Cost, tenge
Onnet calls (voice & video), per minute 11
Calls to other KZ mobiles, per minute 11
Calls to KZ landlines, per minute 15
Onnet SMS/MMS, per message 7
Offnet national SMS, per message 12
International SMS, per message Standard rate
Always Available 0
Data, MB 20

Tariff activation:

  • Calling *166*1*12#OK or texting 12 to 166.
  • Or you can apply in writing to Kcell Center, Kcell Store.

Tariff is available to retail customers (individuals) only.

The cost of services is valid on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, VAT inclusive.

Billing increment – 1 second.

Rounding of internet traffic – 1 KB.

When several different services are activated at a time, there is no established priority for the collection of service charges and the tariff fee. You are therefore recommended to maintain sufficient balance in your account to cover the tariff fee and service charges as well as to check if they had been duly collected.