«Check-in bonus»

Dear customers!
This is to inform you of termination of the Check-in Bonus service, effective 22.10.2018. If you have booked a hotel for a period after the termination date will not be eligible for a bonus.

Enjoy roaming!

Planning an overseas trip? With Check-in Bonus program from Kcell you will enjoy and benefit from your trip! Use only this link to book a hotel and get a bonus from Kcell — 3% off your hotel booking.

To get a bonus

  1. Book a hotel through http://www.booking.com/?aid=1163124;
  2. Enter your mobile number in the relevant field using the format: +7XXXХХХХХХХ, for the bonus to be applied to that account. In case of wrong number format you won’t get bonuses.


Bonus is applied on your move-in day (after you have checked-in). Amount of the bonuses forms in the booking creation day at http://www.booking.com by the rate of National Bank of RK. The maximum amount of bonuses is 15 000 tenge per mobile number per booking, including individual income tax. Applying of the bonuses will happen according to the following scheme:

Rate of the booking sum in tenge (on the date of bonus applying by the rate of National Bank of RK) Bonuses in tenge
<=25 000 750
<=50 000 1 500
<=75 000 2 250
<=100 000 3 000
<=150 000 4 500
<=200 000 6 000
<=300 000 9 000
<=350 000 10 500
<=450 000 13 500
<=>500 000 15 000

Applying of the bonuses in check-in day happens for the very first and not cancelled booking.

Bonus is valid for 30 days from application and can only be used for mobile services while roaming: calls, sms and data, except of short codes and premium numbers. Bonus is used up first. Bonuses are active only when balance is positive for subscribers who have paid in advance form and for subscribers with credit limit form.

To check your remaining Check-in Bonus, call *503*3#OK or send a non-blank sms to 5031.

For more info, call 239 (from Kazakhstan only).