Tariff terms and conditions
Service If daily fee is paid, tenge incl. VAT If daily fee is not paid, tenge incl. VAT
Daily fee*, tenge incl. VAT 40 -
Onnet calls (incl. video calls), per minute 0** 11
Services available regardless of payment of the tariff fee
Calls to other KZ mobiles, per minute 11
Calls to KZ landlines, per minute 15
Data, per MB 20
Onnet SMS, per text 7
Offnet national SMS, per text 12
Tariff fee is due on a daily basis between 00:00 and 02:00, Nur-Sultan time. The cost of onnet calls is covered by the daily fee.

Tariff conditions

Tariff is activated even if balance in the customer’s account is not sufficient to cover the tariff fee. In which case, usage will be billed based on the rates applied «when tariff fee is not paid».

If the fee has not been collected when due between 00:00 and 02:00 due to insufficient funds in the subscriber’s account, it will be collected after the subscriber tops up his/her account on that particular day and inclusive allowance will be available during the current billing cycle until the next billing cycle starts. Any unused allowance will be lost once the subscriber switches tariffs.

Services other than those listed in the table above are billed at our standard rates applicable as of the date of use.

Billing increment: calls — 1 second, data — 1KB.

Maximum call duration is 30 minutes.

Rates are shown in tenge inclusive of VAT and valid across Kazakhstan (within Kcell network coverage area), except while roaming.

When tariff is activated by a customer who is part to a corporate group, he/she will stay in that group but calls to his/her mobile number from other members of that group will be billed based on the on-net call rates for their tariffs. Calls by that customer to other corporate group members will be billed based on the on-net call rate applied on the Talks tariff

To activate the Tariff