Assistants and consultants


Virtual Consultant

Solve issues with the help of Kamila — she is always available in the right side of the site!

Especially for you on the site you can find the virtual consultant named Kamila. She will answer your questions regarding the services provided by our Company.

Kamila is not a human being but she can quickly answer the question or solve the problem that occurred when using the Kcell mobile communication.

You can ask her any question about the navigation of our website — Kamila, as no one else, will be able to help you with this and provide the necessary link.

Unfortunately, she will not be able to answer questions relating to your personal information — balance details or current tariff that you are using at the moment. But if there are difficulties in communication, she will be able to connect you at any moment to our online support team!

Mobile Assistant

If you refill the phone balance through the OSMP (United System of Instant Payments) payment collection terminals, then the service «Mobile Assistant» is for you.

Using the OSMP terminals, the service «Mobile Assistant» enables to ensure transactions as follows:

  1. To view information on Kcell/activ® tariff plans intended for individuals;
  2. To view information on Kcell basic corporate tariff plans intended for legal entities;
  3. To set the service of call forwarding;
  4. To view information on the balance;
  5. To set the Mobile Internet (GPRS);
  6. To file a request for signing up to the corporate tariff plan (for Kcell subscribers).

To use the system «Mobile Assistant»" refer to the below guide:

  1. Place an order for the access code, it is intended for ensuring safety of your phone while transacting through the «Mobile Assistant». To place an order for the access code refer to the below method: send an SMS-message with the text «Пароль» or «Parol» (password) to number 245. The code of access will be sent to your number in the text of a response SMS-message.
  2. On the OSMP payment collection terminal enter the section «Service Payment», select the brand of your communication — Kcell/activ®. Above the number entry line a «Mobile Assistant» banner will be displayed. Press the button «Entry».
  3. Enter your mobile number, then the received code of access.

Attention! Should the access code be incorrectly entered into, the system will notify you accordingly on the screen of the terminal. Should you forget the access code, it will be possible to get it once again.


An access to the «Mobile Assistant»" and its use shall be at no charge.