13 990 Cost

4G E5573s-320 White

15 990 Cost

4G E5770-320 Black

31 990 Cost

What’s in your contract

Data allowance varies by routers model, service bundle and contract term.

Is renewed every month throughout your contract term.

Access speed does not exceed 64 kbit/s after the exhaustion of the listed capacity for service packages.

Contract terms

According to contract, the Company will hand over the mobile phone to Subscriber upon payment of the prepaid amount and first installment.

A subscriber is connected to the Promo action based on the results of scoring — verifying of compliance of a subscriber with the set by Operator solvency criteria.

Participation in the Promo action is recorded in the agreement with the Subscriber for the term of the Contract period.

When connected to the Promo action, the Company will activate the service on the number of Subscriber, which will include the tariff plan 11 and one of the Service Packages.

The Service Package includes a certain amount of minutes of voice calls, SMS-messages and the Internet traffic, accrued every 30 calendar days of connection to the Promo action subject to effecting monthly payments under the terms of the Promo action.

If a Subscriber refuses the Service, including the tariff plan 11, cancellation of the Communication Services Agreement and/or Communication Services Public Contract before the expiry of the Contract period, as well as in other cases stipulated by the Agreement, a Subscriber shall pay the residual value of a subscriber terminal according to the conditions of the concluded Agreement.

A subscriber may disable the Service, including the tariff plan 11 within the scope of the promotion prior to the expiration of the Contract period only upon the written request of a subscriber, filed with the Kcell Center of the Company.

In the event of disabling of a Subscriber from the Service for any reason, the tariff plan 11 on a subscriber number remains in effect until it is changed by a Subscriber.

Promo minutes and SMS-messages provided in accordance with the Service are used for making calls and sending messages on the RK territory except for voice calls and sending messages to the 3, 4- and 5-digit short numbers.

The promo amount of the Services, including the Additional packages of the mobile Internet at top speed may not be used while roaming.

Effective term of the Service Promo Package: During the Reporting period, i.e. thirty (30) calendar days of debiting of the Monthly payment from the Personal account of a Subscriber. The unused during the term amount of the Service Promo Package shall not be carried forward to the next Reporting period. The promo amount of the Service for the relevant Reporting period shall not be provided to a Subscriber, if during this Reporting period the Monthly payment has not been debited in full.

Kcell subscribers may use the service promo package at any positive balance, activ — at any balance in the subscriber’s mobile account, except for Internet traffic, is available regardless of the status of balance or credit limit.

Telecommunications services of the Operator after the use of the Service Promo Package as well as other services not included in the Service Promo Package shall be charged according to the tariff plan 11, value added services not included in the Tariff plan shall be charged based on the Operator’s tariffs applicable at the time of use of such services.

Only one type of data service or data pack can be activated at a time during the Contract period.

The balance of voice minutes and the Internet traffic on the Promo Package shall be checked by dialing the command *100#OK.

Users of Contract Phone promotion (is activated before 23.12.2015), will be able to use data allowance with 0 balance (prepaid customers) or exceeded credit limit (postpaid customers), subject to payment of service fee.

Customer is eligible for this promotional offer if he/she has a high enough credit score (according to the results of Operator’s internal credit check). Only one phone can be purchased on contract, the other are available at full price.

Kcell subscribers who joined the Contract Phone promotional offer before 01.07.2016. Monthly payments will be due based on the date payment was collected in June (or on the last day of the month). For example, if the payment was collected on June 20, this will be the Due Date for the remainder of your contract term, and the validity period of your inclusive bundle will be changed accordingly.

Kcell subscribers who joined the Contract Phone promotional offer after 01.07.2016. Payments will be collected and inclusive bundle provided/renewed every month on the date you opted in to this promotional offer (or on the last day of the month).