Monthly allowance of minutes, texts and data

Smartphone at a special price of 1 tenge

The smartphone in-bundle price is cheaper than in other stores in your town

How does it work?

Sign a contract with Kcell for 12, 18 or 24 months

Smartphone at a special price of 1 tenge

Pay monthly and enjoy a brand new phone plus generous allowance of minutes, texts and data


The activation is available only for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who have successfully undergone the scoring. To find out the conditions for activation of promo, you can:

When the promo package of services is exhausted, the used services are charged under the Standard tariff plan, except for Internet traffic, which speed will not exceed 64kb/sec.

  • Onnet calls - 11 tenge / minute
  • Call to other KZ mobiles - 11 tenge / minute
  • Calls to KZ landlines - 15 tenge / minute
  • Onnet SMS - 7 tenge / sms
  • Offnet SMS (national) - 12 tenge / sms
  • Offnet SMS (international) - 15 tenge / sms
  • Onnet MMS - 7 tenge / mms
  • Roaming - according to the company tariffs valid for the date of service use and depending on the subscriber’s country of stay and the operator selected by subscriber.

The subscription fee is written-off in fill upon activation and then every 1st day of the month from 00:00 to 05:00, Astana time. This period can vary and reach several hours.

If the balance if not sufficient for the subscription fee write-off, this fee will be written off at the next balance top-up. The promo package of services will be unavailable if there are arrears of subscription fee.

Compulsory requirement of the promo – payment of the special price for subscriber device, monthly subscription fee.

  1. The promo package of services is valid until the end of the calendar month, irrespective of the date of the Promo activation.
  2. The promo package of services is accrued and available within the credit limit when the subscription fee is written off (available when the credit limit is exhausted). The promo package of services is not available when the credit limit is exhausted, except for the promo volume of Internet traffic and the promo volume of minutes of Kcell/activ on-net voice calls.
  3. Dial *123*3*2# to check balance of the promo package of services.
  4. Internet traffic under the promo package of services, accrued during an active Internet session, will not function. It is recommended to close the current session in such cases. To do this, turn off and turn on the mobile data transfer in the device.
  1. The promo Internet traffic is not compatible with add-on services: “Unlimited Internet”, “Mobile Internet Plus”, Internet packages: “Internet 1”, “Internet 5”, “Internet 10”, “Internet 20”, “Internet 30”, “Internet 40”.
  2. The promo SMS under the tariff plan can be activated with add-on service “SMS+“. The promo SMS will be used first, and after their exhaustion SMS under add-on service “SMS+” will be used. The promo SMS cannot be activated simultaneously with add-on service “SMS-packages“.
  3. The promo is not compatible with other promos for activation of the package of services when purchasing the subscriber devices.
  4. When activating the promo with add-on services for use of voice calls to landline numbers and SMS to other mobile operators of the RK, the promo volume of services is used first, and then the volume under the add-on service.

The above compatibility conditions can be changed or supplemented by the operator.

If the contract is terminated prematurely, the customer shall pay the residual cost of the subscriber device.

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