SMS is short messages, which can be received and sent from your mobile phone to another subscribers of Kcell, activ® and all the subscribers of GSM standard all over the world.

The size of one message should not exceed 160 characters (Roman alphabet and figures) and 70 characters (a message in Cyrillic).

In order to start using this service, it is necessary to set your mobile phone in a certain way, namely, to register SMS service center (SMS-center) number +77010002525.


Talking SMS

Now you may send your emotions via short message without wasting your time on text dialing!

To send an audio message it is necessary to dial «*» and number of the recipient in the following format: *87XХХХХХХХХ or *77XХХХХХХХХ and follow the voice instruction provided. A recipient will be notified on receipt of an audio message via SMS. To listen to the message a recipient is to dial «*0*».

Maximal length of the audio message is 30 seconds.


Tariff for one outgoing SMS is 15 tenge.

The listening of «audio SMS» is free of charge.

Reply to talking SMS costs 15 tenge.

Talking SMS Packages

Talking SMS Packages allows you to send original Talking SMS on beneficial terms.

The service has two options:

«15 Talking SMS» Package

  • To subscribe text 15 to 3050.
  • Cost: 100 tenge.

«25 Talking SMS» Package

  • To subscribe text 25 to 3050.
  • Cost: 150 tenge.

Upon successful subscription you will receive a reply SMS to notify you accordingly.

How it works: Dial *00* and enter the recipients phone number using either of the two dialing patterns – *00*87XХХХХХХХХ or*00*77XХХХХХХХХ – and follow the voice instruction.

Validity of purchased-but-unused package – unlimited.

Subscribers account will be debited with the package price upon service activation.

The service is not available in roaming.

Maximum duration – 30 seconds each Talking SMS.

Voice SMS

With our Voice SMS service you will be able to send your text message to all mobile and landline numbers in Kazakhstan and it will be read out to the recipient.

To any local mobile number

Send your text message to 6060. First, type in the recipient’s number in the text field using the pattern below (no spaces):

  • 8××××××××××
  • +7××××××××××

then add a space and type your message.

Example, «+7701ХХХХХХХ Hello!».

To any local landline number

Method #1

  • Send voice SMS to 6060 short code.

Example, «8727ХХХХХХХ or +7727XXXXXXX Hello!».

Method #2

  • Send voice SMS to landline number directly. When sent to a landline number, your SMS will be converted to a voice SMS and read out to the recipient upon delivery.

The recipient will receive a call from the system and after answering it will hear the sender information and how he/she can listen to the voice SMS.

The system will try to deliver your Voice SMS during three time periods:

  • First period, or during the first 15 minutes – 4 attempts to reach the recipient.
  • Second period, or during 2 hours – 4 attempts to reach the recipient.
  • Third period, or during 20 hours – 20 attempts to reach the recipient.

No attempts to reach the recipient will be made from 8p.m. to 9a.m. during the Second and Third periods.


You will be charged 25 tenge (including VAT) to send a voice SMS to any landline or mobile number in Kazakhstan. Your voice SMS will be read out to the recipient free of charge.

A standard SMS has 160 Latin characters or 70 Cyrillic characters.

The service is not available while roaming. You will also unable to send voice SMS internationally.

MMS – Multimedia Messaging Service

Is an innovative alternative to SMS permitting to generate, send and receive messages containing melodies, full-color images, photos, music segments, large texts, etc. You may send MMS messages both to cell phones with MMS function and to email addresses.


To activate the service, send an SMS with the text «mms» (without the quotes) to the number 800 or dial *123#OK and in the «Settings» section, select «the MMS» item, then «Connect».

To the number will be sent to MMS-settings (on the screen displayed the inscription Service settings received or a similar message), which should be saved in the phone memory. In all other cases it is necessary to activate the service by subscriber department and manually configure your phone using the following parameters:

Setting parameters are case-sensitive (large / small letters) exactly as shown in the table (spaces are not allowed). In some cases, the IP-address is allowed writing


On-net MMS – 7 tenge.

Sending of one MMS-message to numbers of other RK operators – 15 tenge.

Sending a MMS message to mobile numbers of different cellular carriers costs – 30 tenge.

The maximum size for multimedia message is 300 KB.

MMS provides to Kcell subscribers a quick and easy way of multimedia messages exchange within network and with of other mobile operators of the Republic of Kazakhstan and different countries. To use the service more conveniently, You may use the «MMS Portal», through which it will be possible to send, view, and remove own MMS-messages directly from your PC.

MMS receiving from the subscribers in other countries is unavailable.

Language selection

You can receive bulk SMS distributed by our Company on the language you prefer – Kazakh, Russian or English.

To set the language for bulk SMS free of charge dial *000# and select the preferred language from the list in the menu. Another way to set Bulk SMS to your preferred language is to text «kaz», «rus» or «eng» to short number «0».

The language selection service is provided free of charge.

SMS to short codes

This is to inform you that you can check the price of SMS to be sent to a short code. For that, text «?» to the short code desired. You will receive an SMS containing the price info.

The SMS price check service is available on all tariff plans free of charge, and covers all short codes the subscribers are charged to text to.

Flash SMS

The Flash SMS is a service whereby your text messages along with the sender’s phone number and name pop up on the recipient’s mobile phone screen. Flash SMS can be sent both domestically and internationally.

To send a Flash SMS, enter the #-sign at the beginning of your message.

Example, «#Hi! Have a nice day!»


Charge per Flash SMS sent to Kcell, activ® customers – 7 tenge.

Charge per Flash SMS sent to other networks in Kazakhstan – 12,33 tenge.

Flash SMS should be of standard length: 160 characters (Latin) and 70 characters (Cyrillic), including spaces. In some phone models, messages that are longer than standard SMS will be divided into several parts with the second and other parts of such message delivered and charged as separate text messages.

The Flash SMS service is available to all Subscribers without activation.

You can use Flash SMS while roaming as well. Your text messages will be charged at standard SMS rates for roamers.

Some phones, including but not limited to the iOS-based smartphones, do not store Flash SMS on the SMS inbox. On the iOS-based smartphones, Flash SMS appear without the sender’s name or phone number.

SMS bundles

SMS bundles allow sending on-net SMS at incredibly cheap prices.

Bundle «50 SMS»

  • SMS: 50.
  • Bundle validity period: 30 days.
  • Subscription fee (covers bundle validity period): 200 tenge.
  • Activation: Dial *888*2#OK on your phone and select the desired bundle. Or send a free «50SMS» or «50СМС» SMS to 888.

Bundle «100 SMS»

  • SMS: 100.
  • Bundle validity period: 30 days.
  • Subscription fee (covers bundle validity period): 300 tenge.
  • Activation: Dial *888*2#OK on your phone and select the desired bundle. Or send a free «100SMS» or «100СМС» SMS to 888.

Bundle «300 SMS»

  • SMS: 300.
  • Bundle validity period: 30 days.
  • Subscription fee (covers bundle validity period): 600 tenge.
  • Activation: Dial *888*2#OK on your phone and select the desired bundle. Or send a free «300SMS» or «300СМС» SMS to 888.

To check SMS balance dial *888*2*6#OK on your phone, or text «Bal» or «Бал» to 888.

There is no charge to check your balance.


A standard text message has the length of up to 160 Latin characters and/or up to 70 Cyrillic characters.

The service is available on all Kcell tariff plans and allows sending on-net text messages only. Service is not available in roaming.

Subscribers are charged a one-time service fee, which is withdrawn from their accounts after successful activation of the appropriate bundle. All bundles are available for use immediately upon activation.

When purchasing an additional SMS bundle the new bundle is added to the remaining balance on the old bundle. When the bundle expires or is exhausted, subscribers will be charged to send SMS at standard rates for their tariff plans.

Service is available to all prepaid subscribers with a positive account balance.


Costs in tenge, VAT inclusive.