Ways to top up the balance


Online payment

Payment status


No more questions whether the glass is full or empty. With "AutoPay" your balance is always full!


Ways to top up the balance

1. Through a set of commands. Commands are available only with a connected service:

  • *911*2*2#OK — connect yourself
  • *911*2*3#OK — connect a friend

2. As scheduled:

daily, weekly, monthly

3. When the limit is reached. Rule is not available to postpaid customers.

Auto replenishment on reaching the threshold. And no more troubles!

Payment via Bank

Kaspi Bank

You can pay your mobile charges through Kaspi.kz — a 24/7 online service of Kaspi Bank JSC.

You can also pay free-free from your: deposit account with Kaspi Bank, any Kaspi Bank bank card, Kaspi Wallet, VISA and MasterCard of other banks or bonuses earned under the Kaspi Bonus program.

There is up to 5% cashback if you make purchases and pay with your Kaspi bank card, Kaspi deposit account or Kaspi Wallet.

Bonuses can be used for payment of services through kaspi.kz. 1 bonus — 1 tenge. More info kaspi.kz.



Payment for the communication services may be effected:

  1. On a 24-hour basis through the Internet banking, provided by JSC Kazkommertsbank Homebank.kz, WAP-banking, telebanking 7000;
  2. In limited service branches (LSB);
  3. Via ATMs;
  4. Via bank kiosks.

In case of any additional questions you may also address to the Contact Center of Qazkom by phones:

or on http://kkb.kz/.


Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan

Payment for the communication services may be effected:

  1. through the Internet banking system for individuals:
    • To select the tab “payments” → “communication services” → Kcell, activ®;
    • To enter the mobile phone number and required for balance replenishment sum;
    • The possibility exists of printing out of the receipt in evidence of payment effecting.
  2. In limited service branches/ATMs/bank terminals. Go to the list by reference to maps.halykbank.kz;
  3. The “Mobile Banking” system allows managing the bank account through your mobile phone. Midlet — a convenient bank menu in your phone.

In case of any additional questions you may also address to the Contact Center of Halyk Bank by phones:

or on https://halykbank.kz/.


Payment for the communication services may be effected:

  1. Within 24 hours through the internet-banking for individuals “SberbankOn@line” («Сбербанк ОнЛ@йн») 24/7;
  2. In the settlement and cash offices (cash and settlement service)
  3. Through Information and Payment Terminals

In case of any additional questions, apply please to the Contact Center of DB JSC Sberbank by phones:

or on http://www.sberbank.kz/.

Bank CenterCredit

Payment for the communication services may be effected:

  1. On a 24-hour basis through the Internet banking Centercredit;
  2. In limited service branches (LSB);
  3. Through ATMs.

In case of any additional questions you may also address to the Contact Center of Bank Center Credit by phones:

or on https://www.bcc.kz/.

Mobile Banking


GSM banking 7000 – this is an automated payment-information service of Kazkommertsbank, which allows to pay for Kcell services anytime during the day by dialing 7000 from a mobile phone.

What is needed to use this service:

  • Availability of a Kazkommertsbank’s card;
  • A call to Kazkommertsbank`s Call Center at 8 (727) 2585334 and receipt of special identifier, password (the initial password for everyone is 1234567, it is better to change it at once) and the card`s code;
  • A call at 7000 or at Almaty PSTN number 8 (727) 2585333. Insert identifier and press #, insert your password and press #, then follow voice instructions.

The amount less than 100 tenge is not transferred. Call at number 7000 is free of charge.

Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan

This service is part of the Mobile Banking Service System provided by Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan to Kcell subscribers. Kazakhstan therefore for the first time has an online mobile payment instrument.

All you have to do to make a payment is send an SMS with code 07 NNNN SSS (where 07 is the payment code, NNNN – the last four digits of the payment card, and SSS – amount in tenge) to Halyk Banks number 8080.

The payment will be completed within 3-5 seconds after the message has been sent, the money will be charged from the card to the mobile telephone account, and the bank will send an SMS confirming payment, with the transaction code. Apart from the Payment for the Mobile Telephone service, holders of the Halyk Bank card connected to the Mobile Banking System can send an SMS request from their mobile telephone at any time in order to get information about the remaining balance on the card account or about the last ten transactions.

Upon completion of any transaction or authorisation on the card account (purchase, payment for services, transfer of salaries, payments, etc.), the client of this system will instantly receive an SMS notification to his or her mobile telephone. The SMS will have the information about the transaction amount, time and venue. Moreover, if you are doubtful about a transaction completed by the telephone, you can immediately send an SMS with a special code to 8080 to disable the card and prevent further use of your card account or fraud.

To connect to the Mobile Banking System, just go through the registration procedure using any ATM or write an application at any branch of Halyk Bank.

Recharge in cash

Payment in cash - ways of payment, using the instant payment cards and terminals of replenishment.

Ease of this replenishment methods is in their simplicity. So, instant payment cards replenish the balance less than in two minutes.

Terminals of replenishment

E-terminal – it is fully automated to offer a user an easy and comfortable means of paying for different services, including mobile bills.

How to make payments:

The terminal has a touch screen and easy-to-use interface to allow you to recharge your mobile account with minimum 200 tenge by clicking the appropriate button.

If the mobile number or brand — Kcell or activ® — you have entered is wrong, please apply to the customer support service using the phone number(s) shown on the terminal screen or your pay slip. So keep your pay slip until your account is credited with the appropriate amount!

Terminals of replenishment contact details
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Provider Contact details
QIWI (QIWI Kazakhstan) Each terminal has own support service.
General Support Service:
8 (727) 356-12-12
CyberPlat Kazakhstan LLP +7 (727) 250 85 63
+7 (727) 250 85 64
Payment backout:
ASTANA-PLAT LLP (Kassa24) General Technical Support Service
+7 (778) 667 29 19
Phones of Technical Support Services upon regions:
LLP "Payment Express Systems"

+7 777 6666 555


DB JSC "Sberbank of Russia"

+7 (727) 250 30 20 – for Almaty

 8 8000 808 808 – for all regions of Kazakhstan (free line)

 5030 – for mobile operators of Kazakhstan (free line)

Instant payment cards

Kcell instant payment cards are issued with the nominal of 500, 1000, 2000, and 5000 tenges.

Guidelines of using the card:

  • Scratch off the protective layer, to see a 13-symbol card code;
  • To replenish the balance, send an SMS-message with the card code to number 9393.


  • Dial number 9393 with your mobile phone and after the response, insert the card code and then, a symbol *.


  • you can dial from your handset *110*13-digic card code#OK. After insertion of the card code the nominal amount of the purchased card will be entered to your account.

If you have any difficulties, you may load up the card by calling to the Kcell service department. The operator will help you to activate the 13-symbol loading number free of charge. For this purpose you should merely tell the operator the name of the registered owner of the phone, and the 13-symbol loading number. If the code is correct, the operator will inform you on successful entering of the payment.


Costs in tenge, VAT inclusive.