Kcell Travel

Accessibility and comfort! Enjoy a flat rate of 59 tenge per minute/sms/mb while roaming in 9 CIS states supported countries, Georgia and 69 tenge per minute, SMS, MB when roaming in 70 destinations worldwide on any network.



9 CIS states and Georgia

Asia, America and Europe

Incoming calls

59 ₸/min

69 ₸/min

Calls to Kazakhstan

59 ₸/min

69 ₸/min

Calls within a visited country

59 ₸/min

69 ₸/min

Outgoing SMS

59 ₸/SMS

69 ₸/SMS

Mobile data

59 ₸/МB

69 ₸/МB

Russia (excluding Crimea) · Uzbekistan · Ukraine (excluding Crimea) · Armenia · Belarus · Kyrgyzstan · Azerbaijan · Georgia · Tajikistan · Moldova

Australia · Spain · USA · Austria · Italy · Thailand · Belgium · Canada · Turkey · Bulgaria · China (excluding Taiwan) · Finland · United Kingdom · Latvia · France · Vietnam · Lithuania · Croatia · Hungary · Luxembourg · Montenegro · Germany · Malaysia · Czech Republic · Hong Kong · Mongolia · Switzerland · Greece · Netherlands · Sweden · Denmark · Norway · Sri Lanka · Israel · Poland · Estonia · India · Portugal · South Africa · Indonesia · Singapore · South Korea · Ireland · Slovakia · Japan · Iceland · Slovenia · Saudi Arabia · United Arab Emirates · Afghanistan · Bangladesh · Bahrain · Brazil · Gibraltar · Jordan · Iran · Cambodia · Qatar · Kenya · Cyprus · Cuba · Kuwait · Malta · Nepal · New Zealand · Oman · Palestine · Romania · Faroe Islands and Norman Isles · Egypt


Activation charge — 200 tenge. Monthly fee — 0 tenge.

Calls to countries other than those listed in the tables above are billed based on standard rates. Service is not valid for calling premium and satellite destinations.


Dial *290*1#OK. Activation charge — 200 tengeThe full amount of the activation charge will be collected upon service activation. Service is not activated if your account balance is too low to cover the charge. Service can only be activated if Roaming service is active on your account.

You can check if you have roaming services active on your account by dialing *145*4# or through virtual consultants on WhatsАpp and Telegram.

Not all of our roaming partners support activation/deactivation of services when roaming via USSD. Other reasons may include outdated SIM card and temporary network failure. We, therefore, recommend you activate the services you need while in Kazakhstan, that is before you go abroad.

Don not forget to turn off the service on your return in Kazakhstan.


Dial *290*2#OK or turn off Roaming. The 200 tenge activation charge will apply if you activate the service again. When you cancel the service or its validity period expires, our standard Voice / SMS / Data roaming rates will apply.

Combinability terms

When service is activated y customers on Prestige 5/4/9/5+/7+/9+ tariffs, allowance included in the tariff will take priority, when used — the Kcell Travel rates will apply.

When KcellTravel is activated by customers who have a contract phone that comes with inclusive voice roaming allowance, it will be used up first, when used — the Kcell Travel rates will apply.

Service is not available if you have Favorite countries service active on your account.

These rules may be reviewed and/or amended by Company.

Before activating Kcell Travel service, it is recommended to interrupt an active session and resume using the Internet after activating the add-on service for correct application of its conditions.

Please, make sure to turn on Roaming service before going abroad!