Your next generation cash register

Easy and effective way to turn your cash register into an ONLINE point-of-sale system

WEBKASSA is a cloud-based service offered as an alternative to conventional cash registers.

Expand the core functions of your cash register:

1. Connection to Fiscal Data Operator

Your cash register is connected to the fiscal data operator’s system, it records all day-to-day transactions and supports data backup and transfer.

2. Reliable

We offer 24/7 support and provide 99.99% availability.

3. Versatile

A versatile solution that can be used on various devices, whether it be a PC, tablet or a smartphone. It support all types of printers and barcode readers.

4. Integration

Fast and easy integration with 1С, R-Keeper, MASTER POS and Frontol accounting systems.

5. Additional features

Free ads on register tape, sales analytics, automation of critical processes, end-of-day reports sent to your email.

Service cost


3 000 tenge
excluding VAT

  • √ 1 month


29 500 tenge
excluding VAT

  • √ 12 month
  • √ You save 6 500 tenge
  • √ Integration with automation systems


16 900 tenge
excluding VAT

  • √ 6 month
  • √ You save 1 100 tenge

How to activate WEBKASSA?

Submit Request for service

Sign a contract

Register your cash register with State Revenue Committee and Fiscal data operator*

Customize settings

Start selling

* Or we can do it for you