Selection of a company providing security services for 2019-2020 y.y.

«Kcell» JSC announces the acceptance of applications for the open MRS

«Kcell» JSC announces the acceptance of applications for the open MRS (market research of suppliers) «Selection of a company providing security services for 2019-2020 y.y.» on the tender.kcell.kz electronic trading platform until 18.00 am Astana time on May 14, 2019.

To obtain the MRS documentation and submit applications for participation in the MRS, please contact the electronic trading platform tender.kcell.kz.

The terms of the tender stages are determined by the schedule below:

The notice about convening the MRS (market research of suppliers) and placement of the MRS documentation (on the website https://kcell.kz/ru/purchases/index/2474 and on the electronic trading platform tender.kcell.kz )


Sending addresses program to participants who sent the scan.copy of the Agreement on non-disclosure of confidential information (via Rassul.Azadi@kcell.kz)

From 03.05.2019

Deadline for submission of questions from Participants clarify the MRS documentation by Company (please carefully read the MRS documentation in advance, before sending the referral issues) (via tender.kcell.kz )

Until 10:00


The deadline to provide explanations of MRS documents through the Company (via tender.kcell.kz )

Until 10:00 13.05.2019

The deadline for Participants MRS applications (via tender.kcell.kz )

Until 18:00 14.05.2019

Please note that this schedule is indicative and Kcell has the right to unilaterally change all and/or any dates and terms specified in the schedule of the tender stages. With any change the company notifies the Participants via the electronic trading platform tender.kcell.kz