Voluntary Medical Insurance for Kcell JSC employees for 2019-2020

«Kcell» JSC announces the acceptance of applications for the open MRS (market research of suppliers) "“Voluntary Medical Insurance for Kcell JSC employees for 2019-2020" on the www.tender.kcell.kz electronic trading platform until 18.00 am Astana time on

The notice about convening the MRS (market research of suppliers) (on the website https://www.kcell.kz/ru/purchases/index/2474 and on the electronic trading platform www.tender.kcell.kz )


Deadline for submission of questions from Participants clarify the MRS documentation by Company (please carefully read the MRS documentation in advance, before sending the referral issues) (via www.tender.kcell.kz )

Until 09:00


The deadline to provide explanations of MRS documents through the Company (via www.tender.kcell.kz )

Until 12:00 13.06.2019

The deadline for Participants MRS applications (via www.tender.kcell.kz )

Until 18:00 13.06.2019