Kcell Roaming Club

Do you travel abroad often for business or leisure? Do you roam with Kcell and are interested in loyalty programs from airlines or hotels?

Then this unique offer from the Roaming Club is for you! Roam with us and earn 10 points for every 1000 tenge!

Participants of the Air Astana’s Nomad Club loyalty program can earn 5 times more points: 250 points for every 5000 tenge spent on mobile services while roaming with Kcell! Join the Nomad Club and the Roaming Club now.

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Miles will be awarded by the 20th of the following month or later (if there is a delay in receiving your roaming usage details from foreign operator). You can see how many miles you have earned and your additional number in My Kcell section of this website.

The Club member gets 10 points for each 1000 tenge spent during the month on mobile services, including promotions, while roaming from main or additional account. The Nomad Club member gets 250 points for every 5000 tenge.

To join the Club and earn miles, you can add one additional Kcell or Activ number. If an additional number is registered by the Club member, mobile charges for both accounts (main and additional) will be summed up for miles award purposes.

The Club member may change his/her account details provided for the purpose of this loyalty program. In case of change of name, additional number or partner loyalty program, all miles earned by the subscriber in a given month, will be applied in full to member's account. In case of change of the main number, all mile earned by the subscriber under the Club in a given month will be cancelled.

To cancel their membership, the Club members must delete their accounts, in which case all miles earned in that month will be cancelled.

The Club members are responsible to ensure the correctness of the mobile numbers they provided during registration and agree to hold Kcell JSC harmless and independently resolve all third party claims relating to incorrect numbers and use of services of Kcell JSC.

Kcell JSC is not responsible for the termination by partner of its loyalty program and member's inability to use miles earned thereunder. The terms of awarding miles are specified in the appropriate partner loyalty program.

The campaign is valid till 31.12.2018.

If the subscriber who participates in the Roaming Club bonus program ports the main number from Kcell to Activ and vice versa, then subscriber's registration for the Club will not be cancelled and the subscriber will be able to view bonus history, view and edit account details through Personal Account under the brand that the member is currently using.

If the subscriber ports the main number to other mobile network, then subscriber's account in the Club will be cancelled on the 59th day after the number was ported. If the subscriber ports the number back to the Kcell JSC network before subscriber's Personal Account is cancelled, then the subscriber will be able to continue using the Club without renewal of the registration. If the ported-out number is ported back to the Kcell JSC network after 59 days from the port-out date, the subscriber will need to register for the Club again.

The service is provided jointly with Travelling Connect B.V. (Netherlands).