If you think that you fell the victim of telephone fraudsters You may apply to the law enforcement bodies in respect of the fact of fraud. The cellular communication operator is not responsible for the actions of fraudsters and cannot function as the law enforcement bodies as it pertains to bringing into responsibility of persons, committed illegal acts in respect of subscribers.

Please, be watchful, do not have come across the tricks of fraudsters!


Unauthorized access to your mobile balance

Someone calls you and tells you have won a prize (mobile phone, car, home appliance, apartment, etc.) in a promo run by some company (radio station, retail chain, etc.). Then you are asked to top up your phone with a certain amount and wait for the sms containing a confirmation code. Once you get the sms code, you need to tell it to the caller in order to have your mobile number “registered” for that promo.

What should you do?

Companies running promotional activities never ask customers to make payments or tell the confirmation code.

Remember: you should never tell anyone the secret codes that you may receive via sms. If you disclose your codes to someone, he /or she can get access to your mobile balance.

Fishing website detected

Dear customers,


Fishing website detected


According to the preliminary information, fraudsters illegally use the trademarks of Kcell JSC to collect customers’ personal data under the guise of various survey allegedly conducted by Kcell JSC.

Customers are being deceived into taking such survey and after they complete it they are informed of winning an expensive iPhone or Samsung smartphone in a prize draw. The “winners” are then asked to pay the postal charges to have the “prize” delivered at their home address and enter confidential bank card data on the said websites.

Kcell JSC hereby informs you that it has nothing to do with this website and the above-mentioned prize draw.

We, therefore, strongly encourage you to remain vigilant and take note of the following:

  • Kcell JSC advertises the promotions or prize draws it is going to run through its websites and


  • We encourage you to check out our official websites for more information.


  • Or contact our Call Centers on 9090 or 3030 (from mobiles).


  • Install antivirus on your smartphone and make sure you always have its latest version.


  • Do not click on the links from and do not provide sensitive data to unverified websites.

Viral messages sent via WhatsApp and Viber apps

Kcell JSC warns its customers of viral messages sent via WhatsApp and Viber apps.

The app users have recently started to get messages advertising some third-party applications that promise free access to the Internet. The aim is to prompt you to download a malicious application or visit a malicious webpage by clicking the link contained therein. It is not uncommon that app users may get seduced by false information about extremely cheap deals and stuff like that, and end up clicking the viral link or even sharing it with their friends.

By clicking the link, you may wind up with:

  • an unsolicited subscription
  • your smartphone being infected by malicious software that will automatically send your private data to a remote server, etc

Kcell JSC urges its customers to remain vigilant and follow these simple rules:

  • if you are offered an unusually cheap deal, etc. use other sources to double-check the information
  • install antivirus software on your smartphone and make sure you always have the latest version
  • do not click links in messages that come from unknown senders; if they come from someone you know, contact him/her for more information before using that link

SMS containing a malicious link

Fraudsters can send bulk SMS message which contains a malicious link. By following this link you face the risk of having a virus file downloaded automatically onto your phone. The virus can cause damage to your phone in various ways, from transfer of your personal information to intruders to unauthorized sending of expensive SMS from your phone.

SMS may look like:

«Your friend has left a comment on your photos on www.×××××. Follow this link www.××××× to read it.»

What to do?

Do not follow the links contained in the SMS messages from an unknown and / or suspicious source. There’s a good likelihood that it will take you to a malicious site where you can get a viral code which is installed on mobile phones powered by OS. If you receive a fraud SMS, contact our Call Center for further instructions.

False prize

A call is made or an SMS is incoming to your cellular phone, informing that some particular company (radio-station, chain of shops etc.) is carrying out a campaign (lottery) and you became a winner of the valuable prize (cellular phone, car, home appliances etc.). Then the fraudsters will request you to transfer a certain amount to the phone numbers or to purchase the payment cards and advise of their secret code under the guise of payment of taxes against the won prize or payment of goods delivery.

What to do?

Before taking any action try to find out if such a campaign takes place by applying to the Call Center of our Company.

Remember, that the company, in the names of which messages come, are besides such information. Fraudsters, knowing the high business reputation of such companies, use their names (brands, trademarks) to mislead the subscribers.

Companies, carrying out campaigns, do not request to transfer money, including by advising of the secret codes of payment cards.

SMS to the costive short number

If you are requested to make a call to a short number (mainly the 4-digit) it means most likely the costive services of content-providers (when the cost of 1 SMS may amount to several thousand Tenge).

SMS may look like:

«You have received a voice message (or an MMS) and to listen to it (look through) you are required to send an SMS to number ХХХХ with the code YYYY».

If you have received a voice message in fact, a notification to your number should come from the sender «2000». If in the filed «sender» there is specified any other number, then this message is fraudulent, i.e. after sending of a message to the specified number a sum, much exceeding as a rule the cost of the listened to voice message is withdrawn from the account of the subscriber. Dear user! You are required to activate your number. For this purpose send an SMS to short num ХХХХ with the text YYYY. Activation is free of charge«.

«Dear user! You are required to activate your number. For this purpose send an SMS to short num ХХХХ with the text YYYY. Activation is free of charge».

Activation of the number is done once at purchase of the number and further actions with the number are done only through the subscriber offices and points of sale.

«How do you do! It’s mama of Zhasmin, who urgently needs surgery. By sending so many SMS-messages what soul tells you to number ХХХХ with the text YYYY, you will contribute to her recovery. The cost of SMS — 25 tenge. Thank you!»

What to do?

When such messages are received make a call to the Call Center of our Company to obtain more specific information.

Injury to the relative

A call is made to your phone, the calling person introduces him(her)self as your relative or friend (colleague) and with the agitated voice informs that he(she) had an accident. For example, he(she) became a participant of the road vehicle accident, automobile-pedestrian accident etc. And exactly at that moment the telephone of your «relative» («friend/colleague») is out of order (has been lost, batteries are low etc.), for this reason he(she) is forced to make a call from another phone. And since he(she) is forced to make a great number of calls you are requested to replenish his(her) balance. Further there comes a request to buy a payment car and to inform of its secret code by phone.

What to do?

First of all, try to immediately get in touch with your relative or friend, as if being in trouble, or to get other information of him(her) from reliable sources. And if the fraudster introduced him(her)self as your relative (friend/colleague), then it will be necessary to ask some questions, which will allow you to check the person you are talking to if he(she) is the exact person, who has been introduced to you. Consider, that the fraudsters in many cases use information from the social sites and it happens that they are able to answer some certain questions you can ask to identify a person you are talking to. In such a way they can know the place of residence, the model of the car, family status, names and surnames of relatives and other data.

Blocking viruses

On the screen of your computer/smartphone the following messages can appear:

«Virus is found in your computer. To eliminate it send a message to number ХХХХ with the text YYYY.»

«License of your operational system Windows has been expired, to extend it sent a message to number ХХХХ with the text YYYY and so on.»

«Your device is blocked since you are using the prohibited sites, you are requested to pay a penalty. Ministry of Information. And so on.» И т.п.

What to do?

Never send messages to the indicated short number, instead make a call to the Call Center of the Company and get recommendations how to act further. In major cases massages of such kind are fraudulent and SMS sending will not resolve your problem.

Software products of SMS and communication interception, position identification

As of today, you can face an offer to purchase a variety of services, such as: «Program to read his/her SMS», «Program tom intercept communication on his/her phone», «Phone controller», «Mobile detector», «Mobile locator», an so on. As it is seen from the names, the fraudsters offer subscribers to read another’s SMS-messages, monitor the history of calls of another subscriber or monitor the place of location of a subscriber etc.

Currently, the company does not have information on real existence of such programs, which allow to read out and transmit information to third parties. Most probably, these actions are committed by the fraudsters by using special devices or programs, which are installed in the cellular phone of a subscriber fraudulently.

What to do?

To prevent such actions we recommend not to hand over your phone to other persons. To protect a cellular phone from the unauthorized access it will be required to set a password for block release (read the User Manual of your phone model).

It is important to remember that illegal violation of secrecy of correspondence and other messages is prohibited and will result in criminal responsibility as established by legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Payment card fraud

The cases of fraudulent bank transfers from the payment card as payment for communication services or goods purchase became more frequent.


  • To pay in stores, places of rest in your presence;
  • Do not provide anyone verbal or written details of your bank card;
  • Do not store in writing the PIN and secret word;
  • To activate the SMS notification from the bank. This service will help you to receive instant notification of any changes in the funds on your card.

In case of suspicious transactions you need as quickly as possible to apply to the bank to block the card and file an application with the law enforcing bodies.

Social media scams

You get a message from an acquaintance of yours through social media asking to urgently you top up his/her phone (or similar request involving money transfer).

What to do?

You have to realize that such kind of messages may come from compromised accounts. That is, someone uses a hacked account to send scam messages to its owner’s friends. The first thing to do is contact the owner of that account through other channels to find out if he/she had really sent that message.


If your mobile account is linked to your bank or social media account, e-wallet, email, etc., it is highly recommended that you have your mobile number registered in your name. Otherwise, your personal data and money could be jeopardized. For additional protection, we recommend setting a code word for all types of activity involving your phone number. To set a code word, apply in writing to your nearest Kcell Center.

Recheck information, received from unknown persons, who introduced themselves as your relatives, friends, acquaintances and require immediate actions, such as — money transfer, loading of payment cards, SMS sending to a short number!

Before taking part in any campaign/drawing of prizes call to the Call Center of our Company and obtain more specific information if this campaign/drawing of prizes takes place and get to know the call/SMS cost.

Beforehand get acquainted with the description of unknown/not checked applications until they are installed into the phone. Most probably it is a virus, which can on its own send SMS or make calls.

Wait before loading the reference, which came from the unknown number, to look through any information/mms/voice message etc.

To identify applications, which send sms, and to limit them in respect of sms sending without your consent, it will be required to take the steps as follows:

  • if your phone is supported by the operative system Android: Settings 〉Applications 〉Application management. The list of all set in the phone applications will appear. It will be required to open each application and look through a description. The applications, which send sms on their own, provide for the tip in the description from the bottom «Potentiality of SMS sending».
  • if your phone is supported by the operative system Symbian: Parameters 〉Applications manager 〉Set applications. The list of all set in the phone applications will appear. It will be possible to pick out each application and prohibit to use the sms as follows: Functions — Applications parameters — sms use — prohibit.

Be careful! Do not send SMS to eliminate viruses in your computer and extend the software licenses since similar schemes have not been realized currently.

Pay attention that information of the conditions of holding of various campaigns, quizzes and drawings, organized independently or with involvement of partners of our Company, is accessible on the corporate sites of the Company (, or in the subscriber offices. Moreover, the Company does not carry out any promo campaigns related to provision of the secret code of payment cards to other persons as well it does not perform any technical works with involvement of subscribers, including those related to necessity of entry, sending from the cellular phone of any information, making a call or changing the access passwords.

Apply for consultations on a 24-hour basis to the Call Center of the Company by 8(727)2588300, 8(727)2588000 or from the cellular number to 9090, 119.