Method of payment

Use comfortable form of payments for services of Kcell!


At a prepaid form of settlement payments the subscribers use any services of Kcell on prepayment terms within the available sum of balance. When the balance equals or less than zero, a subscriber’s outgoing traffic is blocked.

Customers on postpaid plans (tariffs) are allowed to pay for the services they used in any one bill cycle (that’s 1 month) within 30 days from the end of that bill cycle.

Failing which, access to communication services (except for incoming calls and calls to emergency services) may be suspended on the 3rd of the month following the payment due date. Postpaid customers with limited monthly usage (credit limit) have their credit limits renewed on day 1 of each bill cycle, i.e. the amount of services such customers may consume in one month is limited to the size of their credit limit.

Once they hit their credit limit, they are disconnected from services (except for incoming calls and calls to emergency services).


  1. Bill cycle — one calendar month;
  2. Payment due date — is the last day of the 30-day’ term following the end of the bill cycle.

If customer tops up his account with an amount that exceeds the cost of services consumed in previous month, balance info requested between the 1st of month and bill issue date may not reflect discounts, corrections or adjustments made in the previous month. Such discounts/corrections/adjustments will be included in the balance info only after the bill has been issued.

To switch from prepaid to postpaid account and vice versa, please apply in writing to any of our customer centers, unless your Tariff terms require otherwise.