We cut prices to cut the distance! International calls are now more affordable! Now you can call your friends, family or partners abroad without worrying about your bill! Kcell cuts its per minute rates on international calls for three destinations: China, excluding Hong Kong and Taiwan, UAE and Turkey.

This promotional offer is valid across Kazakhstan and is available to the Kcell subscribers, provided they have sufficient funds in their accounts.*

Important! Effective on 15.01.2015, service terms will be changed to include UAE with reduced 30 tg/min call rate and exclude Uzbekistan.


Country China, excluding Hong Kong and Taiwan UAE Turkey
Rate (in call units, VAT included) 8 30 25
Validity period till 30.11.2019  


Service is activated/deactivated free of charge for corporate clients based on written request submitted to your personal manager.

To learn more about this service, Kcell customers should dial 4104 (call is free of charge).