Public transport


Pay for public transport in Almaty, Nur-Sultan, Shymkent, Kyzylorda, Aktobe, Uralsk and Petropavlovsk with your Kcell airtime.

How to pay

  • Send the bus/trolley code to 2505 (find the code on a sticker inside the bus/trolley);

Once payment has been accepted, your electronic ticket will be sent to your phone via SMS. Show the ticket to controller.

The list of routes where you can pay with your phone’s airtime is here

Sending SMS to short number 2505 is 0 tenge.

Service is not available for corporate customers.



Kcell marathon continues!

On August 1, 2020, the Grab Your Cashback promo continues in Petropavlovsk and Taldykorgan, immediately after its completion in Aktobe and Kyzylorda.

The Kcell customers in Petropavlovsk and Taldykorgan will get a 50% cashback on public transport tickets when they pay with their cell phone airtime.

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  • Send the ONAY terminal code (find the 6-digit code on terminal screen) to 9909
  • Your electronic ticket will be sent to your phone via SMS

The bus fare will be deducted from your mobile account.

This payment method is available on all routes where payments with ONAY card are accepted. Sending SMS to 9909 is free. Make sure you have sufficient balance to cover the bus fare. You may be requested to show your electronic ticket to the controller.

This method is available to all Kcell prepaid retail customers.


  • To purchase a new ticket, send the ONAY terminal code to 9909 again
  • The transport code is indicated on ONAY terminals only
  • The ticket is valid for one trip for one passenger
  • Service is not available to corporate customers.
  • The benefit-entitled citizens who use this payment method will be charged full cost of the ride