What is 4G

4G is the high-speed wireless data transfer standard for mobile and other devices operating via mobile data points. 4G allows achieving up to 326.4 Mbps download speed. The real download speed on Kcell network is provided at the level of up to 75 Mbps.

In 2018, the fourth generation network was launched in 25 cities of Kazakhstan: in Kapchagay, Tekeli, Esik, Kaskelen, Zharkent, Stepnogorsk, Atbasar, Schuchinsk, Kandyagash, Shalkar, Ayagoz, Zyryanovsk, Zaysan, Saran, Shakhtinsk, Fort-Shevchenko, Aksai, Shu, Zhanatas, Aralsk, Kazalinsk, Arys, Saryagash, Lenger, Zhetisay.

In 2.5 years 4G/LTE Kcell network became available in 57 cities.

What is 4G+ (LTE Advanced)

The feature of LTE Advanced is the aggregation of 1800 MHz and 800 MHz frequency ranges. This allows achieving the data transfer speed up to 2 times higher than on 4G networks, depending on the number and width of aggregated frequencies. The main condition for accessing 4G+ service is the subscriber’s device supporting LTE Advanced technology, which summarizes the data transfer channels in different frequency ranges, provides low network response time and low power consumption of the subscriber’s device battery.

Kcell network is rolled-out on Ericsson equipment.

In 2.5 years 4G+/LTE Advanced network was rolled-out in 17 cities of Kazakhstan. Besides, during 2018 the improved 4G+ communication was deployed in Kaskelen, Kandyagash, Aksai and Saryagash cities. The main feature of LTE-Advanced is the combination of 1800 MHz and 800 MHz frequency ranges, which allows achieving the data transfer speed, depending on the number and width of combined frequencies, up to 2 times higher than on 4G/LTE networks.

Will 4G icon change to 4G+

While on 4G+ network, only 4G icon will be displayed on iPhone screen.

As for display of the network by other smartphone models, please contact the support service of device manufacturer.

How to find out whether SIM card and smartphone supports 4G / 4G+ standard

Dial *256#ОК: You’ll receive an SMS with information about the device and SIM-card support of the new standard.

If the SIM card does not support 4G/4G+: We recommend contacting Kcell stores and offices.

If the device does not support 4G/4G+: We recommend purchasing a new smartphone in instalments under the «Contract Phone» promotion.

How to activate 4G/4G+

Activate 4G or LTE cellular network mode in the mobile network settings.

Whether additional services should be activated

We recommend «Mobile Circle» tariff with minutes already included for calls in Kazakhstan, international destinations, messages and, of course, Internet traffic.