What is 4G


4G — is the standard of wireless high-speed data transmission for mobile and other devices operating through the mobile data point. 4G allows reaching up to 326,4 Mbit/s download speed. The download speed in real conditions in Kcell network is provided at the level up to 75 Mbit/s.

What is 4G 4G+ (LTE Advanced)

The main feature of LTE-Advanced is aggregation of 1800 MHz and 800 MHz frequency bands, which helps carriers to almost double data speeds vs. 4G, depending on how many frequencies are being aggregated and bandwidth. In order to enjoy 4G+ service, customers need mobile devices with LTE Advanced support that combine multiple data channels at once on different frequencies and provide a low response time and low battery usage.

The Kcell network is deployed on the mobile network equipment provided by Ericsson.

4G+ (LTE Advanced) standart is available for Kcell and activ® customers in Almaty and Shymkent. In 2017 standard will be launched in 9 more cities of Kazakhstan.

Will be display 4G+ or 4G

Your iPhone screen will display 4G even when you are using 4G+.

To find out what will be displayed on your device when you connect to 4G+, please contact Customer Support of your device manufacturer.

How to learn whether SIM-card and smartphone support 4G/4G+ standard

Dial *256#ОК: You’ll get SMS with information about support of new standard by device and SIM-card.

If SIM-card doesn’t support 4G/4G+: We recommend contacting Kcell stores and offices.

If Device doesn’t support 4G/4G+: We recommend purchasing new smartphone by installments under the Promo «Contract Phone».

How to activate 4G/4G+

Activate 4G or LTE network mode in mobile network settings.

Do I need to activate additional services

We recommend Mobile Circle tariff line with included minutes for calls throughout Kazakhstan, international directions, messages and also Internet traffic.

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