Club 7.0.1

Exclusive offers only, Bonus call texts and data
All discounts in your phone

Offers from partners

Activation methods


Yes, Da or «Да»

to number 701

Letter of request

to Kcell Center

Club terms

Subscribers who activate the Service and join the Club get a one-time Bonus pack of 48 hours of onnet calls available during the nearest weekend from the activation date. Bonus is applied at 00:00 on Saturday and expires at 23:59 on Sunday. Bonus is provided to all Club members, including those who have activated the Service prior to the effective date of this order.

Bonus pack is available for use provided only Kcell subscriber has a positive account balance.

activ® subscriber may use the Bonus pack irrespective of their account balance. Bonus pack will take priority over and used up before any other add-on services, promotional offers, tariffs or loyalty programs of the Company, even if they have a shorter validity.

A Subscriber should read these Terms and Conditions before the Service is activated. activating the Service, a Subscriber confirms that he/she has read and accepted these Terms and Conditions of provision of the Service.

In case a Subscriber activates the Service, he/she consents to receiving advertising messages from the partners of the Company through calls and SMS-messages within the scope of the the Service.

In case a Subscriber activates the Service, he/she also consents to the processing of personal data in order to participate in the Club and use the Service.

A Subscriber agrees and acknowledges that the above consents are valid for the whole period from the date of joining the Club and the time of leaving the Club.

The Operator has the right to change or amend these Terms and Conditions by updating this information on the official sites of the Operator. Such amendments shall be deemed accepted by a Subscriber, if within thirty (30) calendar days of the change, no refusal of the Service is provided by a Subscriber.

Notification of Subscribers of offers of partners by making calls and/or sending the SMS-messages.

The maximum quantity of informational messages (calls and/or SMS) about the services and products of partners, sent to a Subscriber within the scope of the Service, shall amount to no more than 10 messages per month.

Subscriber may refuse to receive the calls with the information messages on offers and services of Partners by giving a notice to the company employee or dialing the USSD–combination *701*3#OK or using the USSD-menu under the Service *701#OK. In which case, the membership in the Club and notification of Subscriber of offers and services of Partners by SMS shall remain unchanged. To be able to receive calls within the scope of the Service, dial the USSD-combination *701*4#OK or use the USSD-menu under the Service *701#OK.

Every member of the Club will receive an SMS-message with the unique 5-digit code. In order to take advantage of an exclusive offer from our partner it will be required to present this code. In appropriate cases, a Subscriber will be able to re-obtain a unique code by dialing aUSSD-combination *701*5#OK or through the USSD-menu *701#OK.

You may at any time leave the Club by deactivating the Service:

  • By filing a written request with the of the Company;
  • By dialing a USSD-combination *701*2#OK or via the USSD-menu *701#OK;
  • By sending an SMS with the text No, Net or Нет to number 701.