Mobile library


Finding an interesting book is easier than ever. The Bookmate library features over 850 000 electronic books to read in different languages and over 5000 audiobooks to listen to!



Trial period

Kcell is giving its subscribers 7 days of subscription to Bookmate! Install the app, try it.

Cheaper coffee

Electronic books — 35 tenge per day.
Audiobooks — 50 tenge per day.

No cards

Now there is no need to connect your card to pay for the service, payment from mobile balance.

Included in PRESTIGE+¹

Activate any of the PRESTIGE+ tariffs to enjoy free access to Bookmate.


Offer is valid from 01.09.17 till 31.03.19.

This service is provided by Tsentr LLP — an independent provider of various entertainment and inquiry services to Kcell and activ subscribers. Provider is liable for the content of service as well as quality and timely delivery thereof. Provider is fully liable to Operator, third parties and subscribers for a failure to comply with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including law on communication, licensing and license agreements, patent law, intellectual property rights, copyright and related rights.