Data packs


Internet 5

Internet  7

Internet  10

Internet  20

Internet  30

Internet  40

Internet  50

Internet  100

Internet  200

Internet  400


5 7 10 20 30 40 50 100 200 400

Monthly fee

1190 1390 1590 2390 3390 4390 6690 12990 22990 39990

Per-MB rate applied if monthly fee is not paid

5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

Access speed

Data allowance is provided at the maximum speed available and is valid till the end of month. Unused data allowance does not roll over into the next month and is cancelled when customer deactivates the pack.

When the full-speed data allowance is used up, data speed slows down to 64 Kbit/sec (= 8 Kbyte/sec) till the end of month.

Activation and subscriber fee charge-off

When a Data Pack is activated any time after the 1st of month, monthly fee will be prorated by the number of days remaining in that month (if customer’s account balance or credit limit is not sufficient to cover the monthly fee, Data Pack will be activated, however data usage will be billed based on the rates applied when monthly fee is not paid for the remainder of that month). The full amount of the Data Pack monthly fee will collected on the 1st of each month between 00:00 and 05:00 (Nur-Sultan time), provided that customer has sufficient account balance (prepaid billing) or credit limit (postpaid billing). If monthly fee is not collected due to insufficient balance or credit limit, customer will be charged the rates applied when monthly fee is not paid for the remainder of that month. When customer’s account balance is replenished with sufficient amount or credit limit renewed, the monthly fee will be collected and data allowance renewed, both prorated by the number of days remaining in that month.

Data allowance is valid until the end of month and is renewed on the 1st of the next month, subject to payment of monthly fee. Until then, data usage will be charged the rates applied when monthly fee is not paid.


To check the remaining data allowance at any point in time, customers should dial *100#.

Terms of connection and disconnection

Data Pack is available on all prepaid and postpaid tariffs that do not come with the inclusive data allowance. Data Pack can be activated even if the customer has a negative account balance, in which case he will be charged the data rates applied when monthly fee is not paid.

Only one type of Data Pack can be activated at a time. In order to switch Data Packs, customer should deactivate the current one, in which case any unused allowance from that pack will be lost.

In order to activate / deactivate a Data Pack, customers should submit a written request online or directly to the Enterprise Department. 


Data allowance is not available while Subscribers are roaming.

Unlimited Internet

Not available

Carte Blanche+ and Business Class tariffs

Not available

Mobile Internet Plus

Data allowance from the MIP service takes priority of the data allowance from the pack. When both data allowances are used up, data speed will be limited to 64 kbit/sec through the end of the month


Contract Phone, Iphone for Business, Corp phone, Business phone, Smartphone+, ProfitPhone and other phone+service bundle deals

Not available during contract period

Additional Package Activation charge, tenge incl. VAT Activation via USSD Balance check
500 MB 200 *190#OK *100#OK
1 GB 400 *190#OK
2 GB 600 *190#OK
5 GB 1490 *190#OK
10 GB 1990 *190#OK
50 GB 6690 *190#OK

The data and minutes allowances from your add-ons will be used up first and have priority over any other data allowances available to you.

The add-on will not be activated if you insufficient funds on your account to cover its price.

The add-on is vapid for 30 days from activation and any unused allowance will be used after its expiration.

You may have several add-ons active on your account at a time. In which case, allowances expiring soonest will be used up first.

The Company may review or amend these rules.
Available depending on the chosen tariff plan.