Hello, Abroad!

With the new service Hello, Abroad! from Kcell you can call 15 countries at a reduced price – from 25 tenge per minute.

Rates and destinations
Country Per minute rate, KZT (VAT incl.) from 26.12.2016*
Armenia 35
Azerbaijan 45
Belarus 45
Germany 25
Georgia 35
China, excluding Hong Kong and Taiwan 25
Kyrgyzstan 35
Mongolia 35
UAE 45
Russia 25
Tajikistan 35
Turkmenistan 45
Turkey 45
Uzbekistan 25
Ukraine 35
Cost per minute rate, KZT (VAT incl.).

Monthly fee — 200 tenge.

Fee is charged upon service activation and is prorated by the number of days remaining in the month (incl. activation date), and then on the 1st of each month between after 00:00, Astana time. Service fee due date and time may vary up to several hours. Until the fee is paid, international calls are billed at our standard international calling rates.

If the regular fee is not paid when due due to low balance or credit, international calls will be billed at our standard international calling rates. The fee will be collected once the customer’s account balance has been topped up and is sufficient to cover the fee or credit limit renewed.

In case of activation of the service along with other promotion services for international calls, calls will be billed at the lowest price. These terms of compatibility might be changed and added by Company.


In case of service activation on tariff plan, which includes special rates for international calls, calls will be billed according to the conditions of tariff plan.

The Service has an unlimited validity period; however, the Company may change its terms and conditions or stop providing it with a prior notice to the Subscribers given in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Service is not available while roaming.


*575*1#OK. Activation is free of charge.



Service is available to all Kcell* customers.

Service covers 15 international destinations**.

For corporate subscribers whose mobile number is registered to a corporate client, access for activation/deactivation of the service by USSD might be blocked by providing with writing application of corporate client. In this case, activation and deactivation of the Service for this Subscriber will be available after providing Company with the appropriate letter from corporate client. Service is not available for calling satellite and premium charge destinations.