Please, be informed that starting 01.04.17 data allowance provided under ‘Mobile Internet+’ service will be valid for 3 months from application. Data rolled over by 01.06.17 will be valid until 30.06.17.
Service Description Daily fee Standard per-MB rate (charged when you go over your allowance) Activate
10 MB Daily 10 MB data allowance 29 ₸ 4 ₸ Activate
20 MB Daily 20 MB data allowance 39 ₸ 3 ₸ Activate
40 MB Daily 40 MB data allowance 49 ₸ 2 ₸ Activate
100 MB Daily 100 MB data allowance 59 ₸ 1 ₸ Activate


Users, whose subscriber numbers are registered to the entity and/or IE, who are attended based on the postpaid terms, will be able to activate/deactivate the services via SMS/USSD, if a legal entity and/or IE has provided their consent to the above service in an appropriate written statement.

Service set-up terms:

a. *444*1*1*1#OK for 10 MB;

b. *444*1*1*2#OK for 20 MB;

c. *444*1*1*3#OK for 40 MB;

d. *444*1*1*4#OK for 100 MB.

Via SMS on number 2002:

a. 10 MB - 10, код 10, code 10;

b. 20 MB - 20, код 20, code 20;

c. 40 MB - 40, код 40, code 40;

d. 100 MB - 100, код 100, code 100.

Check your package status via *444*1*3#OK.

Any unused data will roll over and be valid until:

- You unsubscribe from the service;

- Your Mobile Contract is terminated;

- This promotional offer expires.

How to unsubscribe:

1. Text стоп or stop to 2002 (free of charge);

2. Send a USSD request to *444*1*4#OK (free of charge).

1. The fee is collected provided only there is enough balance (prepaid billing) or credit limit (postpaid billing). Otherwise, the fee will not be collected; once there is enough balance or credit limit to cover the month fee, the next day fee will be collected after 00:00 (Astana time) If the service fee is not collected, any rollover data allowance will be available to the customer. When rollover data is used up, the excess usage rates will apply.

2. You are allowed to subscribe to only one package at a time. Before you move to another MI+ package you need to unsubscribe from the current one. NOTE! If you unsubscribe from a package, any unused data on your balance will be lost.

3. Service can be activated along with Data Pack service. In this case, allowance from data pack will take priority over the Mobile Internet Plus allowance. When allowance from both ‘Mobile Internet Plus’ and data pack is used up, data speed is reduced to 64 kbps through the end of month.

4. All sent/received data will be rounded up to the nearest 1 KB once your connection is terminated.

5. When inclusive data allowance is used up, further usage of Mobile Internet will be billed based on the excess usage rates.

6. This service is only provided within the scope of the ‘Mobile Internet’ service with access point name set to internet.

7. This service is not available to roamers.

8. Using IP-telephony may affect the speed of your Mobile Internet (GPRS) provided within the scope of this promotional offer.

9. While using «KcellTube» entertainment video-portal, traffic upon the service shall not be spent.

10. “Mobile Internet Plus” service, activated during the current Internet session, will not operate. Such Internet session will be charged as per the standard tariff rate. You are recommended to close in such cases the current session and renew using of the Internet after service activation.


Apply for more details to your personal account manager or call to 9090 from mobile, to +7 727 2587021 from the landline number.